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Honda Accord Euro

Year/Series: 2008 - 2012

Notes: 2012 integrates Factory iPod

Opal Model #: OPHAEUGPS



High Definition Touch Screen GPS Navigation
Full Multimedia with DVD and Internal Storage
iPod / iPhone with Full Control and Charging
Steering Wheel Control Interface
Text to Speech, Spoken Street Names
School Zone and Speed Camera Warnings
Built in BlueTooth with High Clarity External Microphone
Incoming Call Number display
3 Year Warranty when fitted by an Authorised Installer

Multi-function Entertainment

  • Built-in GPS, Intelligent Voice Guide and Route Planning
  • Access USB Hard drvies and SD cards
  • Rear View Camera (CVBS) and Video-In inputs (CVBS)
  • Backlight Dimmer

Hardware Highlights

  • SiRF Prima 600Mhz CPU
  • Blue Tooth with A2DP and Hands Free
  • Mobile Hard drive Support (exFAT, 2GB)
  • iPod and iPhone Support: Play and Charge
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Ports for Data access and Charging
  • 45Wx4 Power Amplification and 4.1 Channel Pre-Out


The easy to use Opal interface allows for complete access to the features of the unit with a touch of a button. The professionally aesthetic interface displays a combination of colors to emphasis clarity.


Opal GPS system equipped with iGO for OPAL a fully customised iGO primo version, giving access to automatic route plans, POI management, Speed Camera Warnings, easy to follow voice guide. School Zone warnings are set on school zone timing.


Safe hands free driving. Automatic connection to the last paired phone. Phonebook download- contacts come displayed on screen and are easily accessible. External microphone. Bluetooth music streaming directly from phone to surrounding speakers

date and time

Date and time can be set to specific time zone and will be constantly shown throughout the system's display. Brightness levels can be adjusted to ideal setting. Audio output can be manipulated to emphasize sound out from selected speakers if des


The system itself allows for access to songs, playlist and full control of your iPod or iPhone while it is charging and stored away.

media play

The Opal Media Player is compatible with both SD cards and USB connect. Streaming crystal clear sound from your personalised playlist. The system is compatible with MP3/MP4 files.

data collection

Files can be transferred between an SD card, a USB and the internal memory at one time.


The Opal unit also adaptable settings that would suit language and even customized skins and background selection

Genuine Opal

This Opal Authenticity Pack with its professional finish proves you have a genuine product. You might see products claiming to be an Opal but without this pack you can be sure you are being sold something without warranty and support.

The Opal Authenticity Pack is a black leather bound pouch that belongs in your glove box. Its stylishly sleek feel encompasses the professionalism and class of an Opal System.

Each Authenticity Pack comes equipped with an Opal Warranty Card, a 186 page user manual, licensed Polnav GPS software, a stylus pen and remote control.

Opal units are backed by 3 years warranty under the provision that the system has been installed by an authorised dealer. The warranty card is filled out by the dealer upon installation and kept within the pack for the driver's own record.

The contents fit seamlessly in the pack. The whole thing comes together as a book would, held by a magnetic flap.

The easy to follow User Manual comes with every Opal system. The manual is comprised of two parts. The first half is a hardware manual with specifics on applications like Bluetooth, iPod control, calibration settings, radio settings and other audio features. The second half of the manual is purely devoted to the Polnav GPS software with easy to follow instructions on setting destinations, points of interest etc.

The Opal System is a touch screen unit and the stylus pen can be used primarily for calibration settings. Both finger touching and the pen will easily navigate you through the systems application.

Each pack contains a GPS Restore Disk that is unique to the system installed. Printed on each disk is a license key that reflects the code of the licensed software already functioning in the system. If your unit does not come with a Restore Disk or some form of license authenticity, there is a high probability that the mapping used is pirated and hence illegal under Australian Law.