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Off Road Navigation

Opal Off Road Navigation
Opal Off Road Navigation


Opal and EONav have collaborated to create the intelligent and user friendly Off Road Navigation package specifically for the Opal in-dash Multimedia system.

Vehicle tracks, walking tracks, parks & reserves, mines, caves, railways etc are all shown within the topographic display. Hikers, campers, land owners and travellers can all benefit from the off road information when making an informed assessment of area suitability.

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  • Includes 5 whole of Australia topographic maps at differing scales and detail plus a world map
  • ExplorOz Places database containing over 80,000 defined way-points
  • Advanced place name searching features including custom name search files to fast access desired way-points
  • Users can create their own custom way-points such as 'home' for a home address
  • Treks Database: 200 route files of AUS most iconic outback treks (e.g. Simpson Desert, Cape York, Tanami Track)
  • Create your own route: when navigating on a new or unknown track - create a route to save your track
  • EOTopo: providing the most up-to-date and consistent maps on the market - custom colour schemes and modern fonts designed to display route guidance with high resolution on OPAL 7" and 8" screens
  • Journeys can be measured and monitored through 'Trip Statistics' comprising your trip meter, trip time, speed statistics including average and current speed, altitude profiles