Universal Butterfly/Flush Type Reverse Camera


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Universal Butterfly Wing or Flush Fit Type Reverse Camera

The universal butterfly wing or flush fit reverse camera has a wide 170 degree viewing angle which covers a large area behind the vehicle.
It comes with 2 types of fitting mounts, a butterfly wing type mount and a flush mount (16.5 mm hole).

The universal butterfly wing or flush fit reverse camera can be installed at the back of the vehicle and wired to an aftermarket display audio screen in the vehicle.
It has an RCA Video connection and power wires that can be connected to the reverse signal wire or another power source in the vehicle.

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170° Viewing Angle
1 Lux
600 Line Resolution
Power: DC 12V
Flush Mount Drill Hole: 16.5mm (holesaw included)
Butterfly Wing Type Mount Option
RCA Video Output
Package Contents

Flush Fit Camera
Butterfly Wing Type Mount
Fitting Accessories
16.5mm Holesaw


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