The Aus-Audio Warehouse Contact details are:

Email: info@aus-audio.com.au
Telephone: P: (02) 9630-3838 - F: (02) 9630-2205
Toll Free: 1800 CAR GPS that's 1800 227 477

Postal Address:
Aus-Audio Warehouse Pty Ltd
PO Box 4380
North Rocks NSW 2151
Opal equipment has a 3 Year Warranty when installed by an Authorised Installer.
Authorised Installers are appointed by Aus Audio Warehouse to ensure quality workmanship and care during installation.
Yes, your Maps can be upgraded for a small fee, however our Opal systems are issued with the latest Maps at the time of sale using legally licensed versions so you already have the latest version.

The software package is fully optioned and OPAL customized. We offer the latest map updates with a unique license for every issue.

Map Upgrades can be requested by sending an email to info@aus-audio.com.au or you can simply call us on 1800 CAR GPS and we will be of assistance.

When purchased, you will receive an SD card, user manual and CD. It's simple!! all you have to do is to SWAP received SD card with the existing one in the car and keep the CD in the glove box for future reference to the licence key number!

Our online portal www.naviextras.com ensures that you can update your navigation system with the latest updated maps, other content and software versions.
No, you are not required to purchase any other licenses.

Opal systems are issued with certified trademark licenses for IPOD ™, DOLBY DIGITAL ™, PHILLIPS DVD™, MICROSOFT WINDOWS CE VER 6 ™.

These licenses ensure you are getting legally authorized hardware and software. We are committed to honouring intellectual property rights eliminating software piracy.
Aus-Audio’s Schneider and Opal range are sold through authorised Car Audio outlets in your area! Find a comprehensive list of all authorised outlets here -- ,a href="www.aus-audio.com.au/dealers">aus-audio.com.au/dealers

Don’t hesitate to call and make an inquiry or alternatively call Aus-Audio directly.

Products that aren’t obtained through an authorised dealer will not satisfy warranty requirements nor continual customer support.

Our contact information can be found here -- www.aus-audio.com.au/contact

Or alternatively send your inquiry through our message box (on the right) to receive a swift reply.
We CAN accommodate most vehicles that we don’t already cater for specifically through in-dash mounting kits.

This will depend on your car make and year model. Please call our offices and consult our experienced staff for advice on your vehicle.

Or alternatively send your inquiry through our message box (on the right) to receive a swift reply

Our contact information can be found here -- www.aus-audio.com.au/contact
There are many reasons why updating the maps is always a good idea:

  • bridges, highways and road junctions Australia wide are being closed and opened every day

  • street names and traffic rules change frequently

  • extend the maps that were originally installed in your navigation device for your holidays and business travels

Naviextras.com has got the answer for you;

you can now update your navigation system with updated maps, other content and latest software versions.

Simply follow the steps below and you will be able to update your "iGO for Opal"

What Naviextras.com Can Do for You?

  • Enjoy easy access to map updates and additional maps

  • Complete your navigation experience by adding and updating 3D extras, points of interest, voice profiles etc.

  • Subscribe to traffic information services

  • Pick from single updates and annual subscriptions which are constantly available at great price offers

  • Sign up for the Naviextras newsletter to receive the lastest news, special offers or critical updates for your device

How it works

I forgot the Wi-Fi Password on the Road-eye Dashcam

When you forget the Wi-Fi password, there's always a way to get it again.

Using Wi-Fi Password reminder feature on the viewer setting page (password for Wi-Fi reminding is 1234)

  1. Run the Road-eye PC Viewer by inserting the SD card onto your computer, and get into Setting page.
  2. Click "Wi-Fi" password, type 1234 and press OK.
  3. The software will then reveal the current Wi-Fi password.
  4. Place the SD card back into the RoaD-eye device and change the password.